The Mahurangi Regatta

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Every Anniversary Weekend, nearly, for 47 years, our gorgeous harbour transforms into a floating village with a very lively atmosphere.

The Mahurangi Regatta blends history, community spirit, and maritime skills against the backdrop of the gorgeous Mahurangi Harbour.

A weekend filled with fun-filled events, both on the water and onshore

It is a prelude to the world’s largest regatta, the Auckland Anniversary Regatta, held on the Monday of the long weekend in the Waitematā Harbour. Our regatta is special. Unlike larger events, the Mahurangi regatta stands out for its fun, strong community involvement and the sheer beauty of the surroundings.

A day out for all the family

Dating back to 1884, the Mahurangi Regatta lapsed during World War Two but the ‘Friends of the Mahurangi’ breathed life back into this event in 1977, ensuring it also became an inclusive event for families.

Friday night’s spectacle

The regatta kicks off on a Friday evening with the night race to Mahurangi from Auckland. Boats of all shapes and sizes converge on the harbour.

The fleet arrives from dusk. The boats come in a continuous flow river of red and green navigation lights stretching from the heads back to Whangaparāoa Passage.

Experience suggests that it is best to watch this display from Tangutu Point. It’s even better watching with friends, gourmet treats, such as oysters, and a chilled one in hand.

Regatta day

By Saturday morning, the harbour looks like a bustling city of yachts. The hundreds of sails create a magnificent spectacle. The courses are close enough to provide a visual treat for picnickers at Sullivan Bay and Tangutu Point.

The Mahurangi Cup, featuring wooden yachts of pre-1955 design, takes centre stage in a glorious parade around Saddle Island.

Sullivans-Bay-Mahurangi Regatta

Onshore fun

The action-packed Saturday also includes onshore activities at Sullivans Bay, starting around 11 am. From sand sculptures and beach and swimming races to sack races, boogie board races, dinghy races, tug of war, and the ultimate egg-throwing competition, there’s something for everyone. It’s a day with a good old-fashioned, leave-your-wallet-at-home picnic vibe.


mahurangi regatta fun

And into the night

The regatta wraps up at Scotts Landing for the prize-giving and dance. The night is filled with the sounds of live music, laughter, and the occasional splash as revellers make their way back to their vessels or across the harbour.

A great day in the Mahurangi Harbour

With its blend of on-water excitement, onshore festivities, and the transformation of the harbour into a twinkling city of lights, the Mahurangi Regatta is an unforgettable experience, regardless of whether you’re a seasoned sailor or a land-loving spectator.

mahu regatta saddle

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Mahurangi Oysters

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