From our beds to your kitchen.

With complex flavours and lingering sweetness, our Pacific oysters are fresh, sustainable and monitored under the best of aquaculture practices. They are farmed from wild, natural caught spat, just as Mother Nature intended.

From the Pacific to the palate.

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Drop us a line.

Our fresh oysters are delivered straight to your kitchen door secure in Mother Nature’s own brilliant packaging.

Over the summer months, our triploid oysters are available for weddings and functions etc.

Just give us a text or email. If you know you want to buy bulk oysters and are ready to be a part of our family, simply fill out our form and we will get back to you ASAP to set up your regular (or irregular) order.

Yes! We export.

Contact us if you are interested in importing oysters to your country from our oyster farm in the beautiful Mahurangi region of New Zealand.

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Oysters all year round.



Naturally caught oysters are a seasonal food with three distinct phases. To keep up with demand, we sell hatchery-grown triploid oysters over summer.

They are at their full-flavoured, meaty best in winter through to early summer. We harvest and sell our naturally caught oysters from April through to December when our oysters are fat and creamy. But because we won’t compromise on our quality, we don’t sell naturally caught oysters between January and March. This is their growth and recovery period and oysters eaten during this period are less appealing.

  • April – September: They are crisp, meaty and plump.
  • October – December: They are fat and creamy.
  • Jan – March: This is the recovery phase for oysters where they are thin and less appealing.
  • December – April: We have triploid oysters available. These are hatchery grown and do not mate during the summer months.
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Live oysters in their shells.

Mahurangi oysters will only add to the already mouth-watering offerings of your kitchen, café or restaurant.

Naturally caught Pacific oysters have a fresh, salty flavour that is truly addictive.

Add the additional ingredient of your skilled culinary team to our delicious, fresh Mahurangi Oysters and your customers will be gobsmacked. Buy bulk oysters in their shells and we deliver them to your kitchen door: whenever and however many you want.

Oysters pack a powerful sense of place.

Each and every oyster has its own distinct taste reflecting its tūrangawaewae. With wine, it’s called terroir, with oysters we refer to it as its merroir.

Farmed in the inter-tidal zones of the Mahurangi River in pristine conditions, Mahurangi oysters are sweet and delicious and the key to capturing that flavour is freshness. We only sell oysters live in the shell. They are picked in the morning and delivered to Auckland restaurants and cafes by overnight courier, which is probably why Al Brown, among others, is such a big fan.

Safety and satisfaction of our customers come first, always.

The Mahurangi Harbour has an impeccable health record. Harvesting can be stopped due to rainfall and this may affect the availability of oysters. Ministry of Primary Industry guidelines dictate that if more than 25mls of rain falls over 24 hours, oyster farms must close for three days to ensure no runoff from land contaminates the oysters.

With other commercial oyster growers, we participate in a monitoring scheme for the Mahurangi Harbour to ensure the pristine quality of the waters, another of the many reasons why Mahurangi oysters are so highly regarded, both in New Zealand and overseas.

If you fancy a closer look, bring your team up for an ‘on the house’ tour of our oyster farms on the lovely Mahurangi.

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