Buy Live Oysters.


Get your hands on the most delicious fresh oysters as well as a few extras we think work so well with them and make your oyster experience even better.

No RD shipping

Unfortunately, rural delivery is not available. But if you’d like to talk to us about a local pick-up or supply, we’d be more than happy to chat to see what plan we can come up with. Or you can specify your nearest NZ Courier depot, pickup required by 5pm. 

If you are rural you can specify your nearest NZ Courier depot for collection, pickup required by 5pm.

Who will be home

Please ensure that someone can be at the delivery address to receive your live oysters on arrival. Shellfish should be kept at around 4 to 8degC and not be left in direct sunlight.

2 to 3 day delivery

We process your oyster order the day before you need it and deliver your order overnight for next-day delivery to your door. Secured in Mother Nature’s own brilliant packaging and packed inside our thermal box.

Orders need to be in by 6 pm the night before harvest. i.e order by 6 pm Wednesday for Thursday harvest and Friday delivery

Pickup option

You can pick up from us at Hamatana Road Snells Beach by appointment. Call us to arrange on +64 274 935 532

Your billing details will still be required at checkout.

From our beds to your bench. 

Pacific oysters have a sweet, succulent flavour that is truly addictive. Grown using the best of aquaculture practices, our oysters are sustainably farmed from wild, naturally caught spat. We then deliver them straight to your kitchen door secure in Mother Nature’s own brilliant packaging. 

From the Pacific to your palate.

Farmed in the unpolluted, inter-tidal zones of the Mahurangi River, Mahurangi oysters are sweet and delicious. The key to capturing that flavour is freshness. We only sell live oysters in the shell. Harvested in the morning, we deliver them to you by overnight courier.

Fresh whole-shell oysters delivered to your door.

Enjoy the freshest possible Pacific oysters grown in the Mahurangi Harbour, packed live and whole. To get them to you at their tastiest, Jim and the team are often out on the water at 5.00 am harvesting to order. We then process and deliver them overnight to your door secure in Mother Nature’s own brilliant packaging. All our oysters are shipped whole-shell, with a seven-day-chilled shelf life.


Oysters are no longer just a seasonal delicacy.

Don’t panic, we now have oysters available for Christmas, weddings and those summer BBQs and long, lazy picnics. What a relief!

Naturally caught Pacific oysters are at their full-flavoured, meaty best in winter till early summer. We harvest and sell live naturally caught oysters from April through to December when our oysters are fat and creamy. But because we won’t compromise on our quality, we don’t sell naturally caught oysters between January and March. This is their growth and recovery period and oysters eaten during this period are less appealing. 

However, in order to keep the oyster-obsessed among us content, we now have triploids oysters available over the summer. These are hatchery grown and do not mate during the summer months. These oysters come from stock that is faster growing and more resistant to disease. 

Safety and customer satisfaction first.

Harvesting can be stopped due to rainfall which can affect the availability of our oysters. Ministry of Primary Industry guidelines dictate that oyster farms must close for three days after more than 25mls of rain falls over a 24-hour period to ensure no runoff from land contaminates the oysters.

The Mahurangi Harbour has an impeccable health record. We participate in a joint monitoring scheme to ensure the pristine quality of the waters. Yet another of the many reasons why Mahurangi oysters are so highly regarded, both in New Zealand and overseas.

Mahurangi Oysters – Tasty, sustainable and truly unique.

Each and every oyster farm has its own distinct taste reflecting its tūrangawaewae. With wine, it’s called terroir, with oysters we refer to it as its merroir. The seawater, currents, tides, temperature, algae, rainfall, season, and location are all responsible for the nuanced flavours of our delicious, sweet Mahurangi Oysters, which is probably why Al Brown, among others, is such a big fan.

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